“There are black belts and there are black belts. Steve Haydock is the latter. What I mean is, yes, if you train BJJ long enough you will eventually earn yourself a black belt, but that doesn’t mean you live it, you breathe it, you wake up with a desire to spread that knowledge to others. Steve exemplifies what it means to be not just a BJJ black belt but a student, and I’m not just saying that because he has the ability to break all my limbs with a smile on his face. His teaching is high level yet simple. Master the basics and then go back and relearn them and that’s truly all you need to be one amazing grappler. I would consider uprooting my life to train with Steve on a regular basis.”

Jason Ackerman BJJ Purple Belt

“I trained BJJ for five years before training with Steve. I had trained with several high level instructors and from the first time I rolled with Steve I could feel the difference. The game and lessons gained from time with the Rickson Gracie Association were what I wish I had found from the start. I enjoy the sport but was drawn to the self defense. Steve meets all of my expectations of what Gracie Jiu Jitsu should be. His attention to detail and depth of knowledge regarding the basics is unmatched in my opinion.”

Jason Trudeau BJJ Purple Belt

“I am a 53 year old Firefighter, I have been training with Steve for over a year now and I will be honest, I was concerned about training in a style of martial art where I felt my age would be a disadvantage. Steve’s classes are focused on technique that works no matter your age, size or athletic ability. Steve teaches with humor and patience making the classes a great experience. My skills are improving along with my overall health. If you are interested in Jiu-jitsu I would highly recommend that you try a class with Steve.”

Joe Frahm BJJ Blue Belt

“I started training with Steve in the Fall 2016 and couldn’t have asked for a more technical and safer environment. Steve has cultivated a culture of respect and care for each of his students which has helped to create a true team environment. Steve’s commitment to teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is at the forefront of every class with a focus on self-defense and practically applied groundwork. Besides his ability as a jiu-jitsu practitioner and instructor, Steve is a great person to be around which is no surprise then that he has such a committed group of students.”

Cody Garcia-Pusateri BJJ Blue Belt

“Being a female entering into a male dominated contact sport can be super intimidating, but my transition to Steves style of bjj was anything but. Steves training is always fun, and he makes otherwise uncomfortable movements seem comfortable. He has taught me to use my weight and strength to my advantage against an attacker, and I feel confident that I can defend myself in any situation. Steve has helped me build both a confidence in my physical ability, and a confidence in myself in general. It really is so empowering to see what I am actually capable of. Steve’s style of jiu jitsu is available to any person, female or male, big or small. His teaching is individualized to each student, and his classes are a blast to attend. You won’t find better jiu jitsu in or around the Springfield area.”

Danyelle Trudeau BJJ Blue Belt